When you own a mobile home, you have the same insurance needs as other homeowners. You will need to insure your mobile home, outbuildings, belongings, and personal liability.

Depending on the age of the mobile home, you may be eligible for "replacement cost coverage" on a mobile homeowner's policy. A mobile homeowner's policy will automatically give you a portion of your building limit for your belongings and outbuildings.

If it is an older mobile home and you don't qualify for a mobile homeowner's policy, you may need to insure the home for it's "actual cash value" and you will need to determine what limit you would like to place on your personal belongings.

Many details about your mobile home will determine which insurance company best suits your needs. We will need to know the location, whether it is skirted, has tie downs, whether it has a permanent foundation, the year built, etc. in order to provide you with competitive quotes from several insurance companies.

Payment options:

  • Split payments
  • Monthly automatic withdrawals
  • Internet banking
  • Credit card
  • Debit
  • Cheque
  • Cash

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